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Dead Boats Society
February 20, 2017
This winter's wind and rain has played havoc on the Sausalito anchor-outs, and many of their boats have fetched up on…
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Sailing Valentines
February 14, 2017
Welcome, lovers and sailors, to our annual (mostly) feature about that part of the Venn diagram where the two overlap. This year's feature is in two parts. Enjoy!

Berkeley Yacht Club Midwinters
January 18, 2017
Forty-two boats (about 77%) of the fleet came out to play on the Saturday of a three-day weekend. (Do we surmise that the remaining 23% were skiing? Hmmmm. We do know that one missing contestant didn’t go skiing, because instead he was stuck… Read on…

Berkeley Midwinters Begin
November 17, 2016
Midwinter racing on San Francisco Bay has begun. (At least the warm, light wind, flat water, strong currents part of Midwinter racing, that is.) Read on…

A Pair of Midwinters Kick Off the Season
November 10, 2016
Every boat attire from full foulies to shorts and tees could be seen as the damp mornings evolved into… Read on… and check out the video here.

Express 27 Nationals Preview
October 13, 2016
“I was basically looking for the ultimate weekend warrior’s boat — a boat for the Bay or ocean with the room and comfort of an Olson 30 and the performance and ease of handling of a Moore 24,” Terry Alsberg once remarked. Read on…

El Toros Sighted in Richmond
October 11, 2016
They have so much fun that they get back in line and do it over (and over) again. The hard part is getting them out of… Read on…

San Rafael Creek Cruise
September 27, 2016
Maybe "yacht" isn't quite the proper term for the tenants? We also survived passing the Giant Swan twice! Read on…

Olson 25 Nationals & J/24 District Championships
August 29, 2016
By sundown, there was a tie for first, and third place was only two points behind. Since this was a no throw-out event… Read on…

Sausalito J/105 Regatta
July 27, 2016
Racers enjoyed a brisk westerly wind, which, along with a healthy flood current on the Alcatraz Shoal, created fast… Read on…

OYRA Half Moon Bay Race
June 27, 2016
This year's OYRA Half Moon Bay Race got off to a good start with a healthy ebb and nice west wind. Read on…

Inaugural PYSF Family Fun Regatta
May 31, 2016
A steady 12-15 knot breeze made for plenty of fast and fun sailing, and a few capsizes… Read on…

OYRA Duxship
May 25, 2016
After starting, boats hugged the shoreline, short-tacking up the beach, giving brunch diners at St. Francis YC and dog walkers along Crissy Field close-up views of… Read on…

Spring Sunset in Sausalito
May 17, 2016
The race committee graciously allowed the two humpback whales swimming through the starting area to select their own course, which took them toward… Read on…

Flight of the Bulls
May 12, 2016
The race committee was delighted that a pack of 10 eager Richmond Yacht Club Juniors showed up ready to tackle this typically long, tough race. The Juniors stayed eager, but the weather… Read on…

SSS Round the Rocks
April 28 , 2016
The 2016 SSS Round the Rocks Race started at the G mark on the Olympic Circle and finished at the Richmond Yacht Club, but not before stopping and starting several times on the way. Morning on the Circle brought… Read on…

Pinwheel of Death
March 21, 2016
As more boats tried squeezing in the sound of crunching fiberglass could be heard echoing around the Bay
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Santa Cruz in San Leandro
March 1, 2016
We've all seen that neglected boat sitting out in the rain and sun. Most of the time it's just a… Read on…

Corinthian Midwinters Wrap Up
February 24, 2016
The 2016 Corinthian Yacht Club Midwinters wrapped up with a typical 'midwinter' weekend: two days, two completely different wind scenarios and lots of afternoon 3.9-ebb current to make racing even more… Read on…

Sailing Valentines
February 12, 2016
"I once thought how amazing it would be to someday race on a boat like War Pony (LOL. Be careful what you ask for — you just might get it…" Read on…

Safe Sailing in Sausalito on Super Bowl Sunday
February 8, 2016
Yes, we did race on Super Bowl Sunday. The fourth Sausalito Yacht Club Chili Midwinter competed with the Super Bowl on February 6. Everyone felt safe with Coast Guard Cutter and two inflatables in Richardson Bay, complete with… Read on…

Ready for the Three Bridge Fiasco
January 28, 2016
SSS Race Chair Allen Cooper called the 367-boat race the largest in America. "No one has challenged that yet, so it must be true." Read on…

Berkeley Midwinters
January 12, 2016
Since wind gods require much discussion among themselves before actually changing wind direction, there were quite a few holes for the racers to suffer… Read on…

Sausalito Chili Midwinters
January 5, 2016
Sausalito Yacht Club's Sunday Chili Midwinter race attracted 21 boats whose crews challenged the rainy weather forecasts to… Read on…

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